Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Thinking Like A Mountain.

Thinking like a mountain is a term coined by Aldo Leopald, but how are we to understand it?

There are many interpretations of thinking like a mountain which are too static for me. Too bounded by thinghood and human mortality. Something limited by birth and death, whose influence extends no farther than three score years and ten (ish). Life is so often portrayed as a thing amongst things. What if we viewed it as a process interacting with other processes, stretching into the past and future far beyond our ephemeral span.
So if we are to think like a mountain, not only must we see ourselves as an integral part of the ecological structure, as it is today, as it is this decade, generation or century, but we also need to understand our self, our being, as one of the many formative influences in this age of the earth. Yours and my influence extends to the far future. Long after we, as a physical beings are dust, our decisions and actions will still be influencing the world we have long since departed. Will that influence be for good or ill?

The question is: Would it make any difference to the way we behave if we did not escape the long term consequences of our actions? If by some means or another we had to live with them indefinitely.

This is the question that lead me to write 'Atlantis Eternal'.
Why treat something as serious as this as fiction?
Because it's more fun to write and its more fun to read. QED.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Growing Apple Trees From Seeds

For us here in the northern hemisphere it's Autumn. A time of harvest, except there isn't much to harvest, at least not apples. There have always been poor years, but we seem to be seeing a very definite change to our seasonal weather patterns. This spring was alternately cold and wet, when the insects did not fly to pollinate the blossom,  then very hot days with frost at night; equally bad for setting fruit.

Doom, Doom! 

No! Lets see what we can do about it. I grow apple trees from seeds, to produce new varieties. These get planted out here and there to fend for themselves (I am getting good useable apples). The interesting observation this year is many of my seedlings are bearing fruit where the 'named varieties' are not. We are seeing the need for new varieties adapted to our varying climatic conditions.

So plant apple pips. When they are big enough plant the trees out (where ever you can) and let them get on with it.

If you are interested, I've just put this idea, in more detail, on Kindle and will make it free download as often as possible.

 'I invoke the Welsh legend of Cantre'r Gwaelod, a land long since drowned beneath the Irish sea, to help me communicate my passion for apple growing. Assisted by glimpses into a mythological past we are enabled to see into a potential future and the need to produce new varieties of apple. More importantly the need for us all to do this, not leaving it in the hands of faceless 'experts'. After the inspiration comes the simple 'How To' explanations allowing us all to participate in the apple crops of the future by growing apple trees from seeds today.'

Lost Orchards of Cantre'r Gwaelod