Thursday, 15 September 2011

Dried Apple - 36 hours later

The Mark 2 apple drier has completed it maiden voyage, or something like that. Anyway it's dried the apple we put in it in in 36 hours. I left it a bit longer than was absolutely necessary to make sure it was done. It came out like leather; flexible, but tough! To answer a question I had by email, we peel the apples first, then core them then slice them. Some slice better than others, some being very brittle, but it is still possible to skewer the bits even if the rings have broken up.

The best one were as follows: James Grieve, best tasting. Charles Ross, which did not discolour so much and tasted good. Tom Putt which has a nice sharp twang to it and a new variety from a seedling (I call it Red Spot) which is beautifully sweet. We did try other varieties, but they did not taste so good! None of them were recognised 'drying varieties' but it's a case of use what you've got. So it is not rocket science and I wish you all good drying. Oh yes, the dried apple weighed in at 7 ounces and just fitted into a 2 pound preserving jar, I guess we could have got a bit more in the drier if we'd tried.

Tomorrow is a cider making day so I'll try to remember to take some photos.

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